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读书,怎么办?Time to Study and I Feel Like... HOW? (Part 2)

Think positively, live worthily. (Ha ha, Live Worthily is the tagline of my secondary school, for your information)

Live your live vibrantly and to the fullest! Oh yes, I am going to watch television and Facebook all day long! These are what I live for. They make me happy!

Oh-oh, wait, there's a catch. "Celebrating" life in such an unruly way will not do you any good. Don't get me mistaken; what I am trying to convey is that embracing your life is all about peppering your life with all things enthralling without leaving your priorities aside. Taking control of your own life by doing it as you wish? Gosh, there would be chaos then. THIRD WORLD WAR!!!

Remember, life is a bed of roses with thorns. It may seem appealing and perfect on the outside, but the ocean of life is rough and choppy; it has its ups and downs. YOU have to brave the ocean by yourself; the people around are you are the sailors and oars that will only assist you to get through it.

As for me, I often hold on to this old quote: "Failing to plan is planning to fail". I am sure that you have heard this for thousands of times. Thus, you have to realize your priorities and list them at the first place. For instance, for students like you and me, studying is obviously on the top of our list, and education can change our lives. Thus, it is better if you pay LOTS of focus in your academic. It is not a hard task at all (if compared to those "homework" done by the adults. You get it, right?); it is all in a day's work. Racing against time with an overflowing amount of homework, burying your heads in thick reference books, staying back every week for that annoying and tiring extra classes... These are all in a day's work.

So, you might be asking: OKAY, my priority is to STUDY. I have to do nothing but to STUDY, STUDY, STUDY, right?


You got me WRONG!

Mind you, who looks forward towards kissing your not-at-all-soft exercise books for the entire day? Or gripping your pen until it was almost glued to your fingers, simply for your essays? Who wants to sit in front of the study table at all times? Who does not embrace going to the field and sweat out like a pig-with their besties?

Like, seriously? "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!"

Thus, be rest assured and relieved that you need not be a study-mania who sits in front of the table 24/7 and does only writing and reading. You can still take pleasure in your hobbies and have light moments of your own. You can still hang out with your friends for "yum-cha" (Tea break), go for movies, sit back for your favourite Korean dramas or even daydream-it's up to you! Do not go overboard, that's all.

My Way. Sharon's Way.

I must admit, I am by NO MEANS the person who arranges her priorities best. In fact, I am quite a daydreamer and always end up losing my train of thought. Fortunately, I know who I am and what my pririties are.

I quit the internet a month prior to the internal examinations (during my last two years in school) and two months prior to SPM. By doing this, I can reduce distractions, since I am passionate about the Internet-and in a die-hard way as well! I simply can't live without it, but somehow I managed to push my life through offline.

I was diagnosed with Severe Acute Internet Addiction syndrome back in 2010 when I was in Form Four, the so-called honeymoon year for many. Well, it was due to games! Social games! Games were part and parcel of my life back then, and I even picked up a fight with my parents just to take care of my virtual pet. (Yes, it was a pet game. Ain't I childish?) For this, too, I was often caught red-handed playing games whilst researching for information online. There were always the same excuses dished out: "It was just for the ads!" or otherwise, "The internet was down!" I spent so much time on the Internet that I ended up being placed seventh during my monthly examinations.

Being announced as the Best student in PMR for 2009 had changed my life drastically indeed. I was being pulled away from my virtual fantasy. Immediately, something rang in my mind.

"Hey Sharon! Look at your accomplishments a year ago. Do you want to ruin your life that way-for a virtual pet? Trust me, you can still shine!"

I was dumbstruck. I was stunned and all of a sudden, I felt like as if I had being pulled out of my wonderland. And turned sober. And soon got something into my otherwise blurred head. I MUST EXCEL IN MY FORM FOUR! (Oh yes, I am another kiasu perfectionist as well. I am EXTREMELY PICKY on everything but food.)

Thus, another drastic decision was made. Quit the game. It was on 3 November 2010. I have never ever accessed to any social games ever since.

Of course, as I had said earlier, do not allow studies to take a toll on your teenage life. Studying under pressure will only add insult to injury. Feel free (and whenever possible, it is always BETTER) to take part in mental and physical-building activities tailored specially for teens, such as competitions, camps, meetings for the society, voluntary jobs and sports. They will not affect your studies, so as long as you allocate a suitable amount of time for these. An entire day of activities without studies does not make sense too!

Hope you guys can have a better picture on making your own priorities and plan them well. You will NEVER regret it.



























Coming Up: Time Management.

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