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I specially opened this page for you music lovers out there! You need not be professional in order to play these instruments! Plus, it is absolutely free, except that you have to pay for the electric and internet bills (which are not governed by me obviously).

Singing Bowls

Back to the past when the sophisticated musical instruments were not even invented. Without the risk of mommy reprimanding you for turning the bowls into basses, now you can create music by hitting the bowls with this cute widget! Best of all, they will not break no matter how hard you hit them.

Full Size Synth Piano

If you love playing the piano/keyboard, this virtual piano is just for you! It guides you in playing the excerpts of several popular songs. Of course, you can create your own songs-it is just CREATIVITY that actually matters. Besides, you can listen to online radio as well. I recommend you to hit the blue button at the second row because it plays loads of current hits (That is up to you, after all, one man's meat is another man's poison...)

Violin Widget

Otherwise, why not challenge the violinist in you? Once again, you can just hover around the strings or cpress "f", "d", "h", "j" on your music to start a mini concert! That is only in the blogosphere, of course.


There is no need for you to sing... just a few clicks on the arrows will do! I'm sure you will LOVE it!

Mini Music Studio

This little widget is NEVER mini when it comes to awesome music that will keep you dancing and shaking the night away! Go crazy and creative by randomly clicking the black buttons to create your own dance tune. Perfect for little parties.

Sound Sphere

Here is another cool widget, perfect for creating house music for an entire night's dance party!


Be a drummer here! There are five shades of drums for you to choose from. However, you have only a stick to hit the drums. Good to release tension though by hitting the drums and making a melody out of it!

Resonance FM

If you want some mysterious feel, do switch ON this player as it is all about resonance and echo! Never try this if you do not have the guts for creepy music. It is a real challenger! If you are brave enough, you'll enjoy it to the max!


Vocaloid-Hatsune Miku Nano Remoto

Vocaloid 2-"Nyano" Synthesizer

Enjoy! ;-)

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