The Coffee-Shop Owner

Basic Info

Real Name 真实姓名: Sharon Ng Huey Yuek 吴蕙月

Nickname 外号    : 雪人、Sharon Stone、月月

Date of Birth 生日  :23/9/1994923日,记得送我礼物哦!)

Zodiac 生肖      :Dog 

Constellation 星座   : Libra, with hints of Virgo characteristics! 天秤座,有一些处女座性格!

Religion 宗教          :Buddhist 佛教

Blood Type  血型    :O Positive

My Whereabouts

Hometown 出生地方 :Taiping, also nicknamed as Rain Town. It rains almost daily here!

Primary School 小学  :SJK(C) Hua Lian 1, Taiping

High School 中学      : 
Form 1-5: SMK(P) Treacher Methodist, Taiping

Currently studying in IPG Kampus Pulau Pinang.
Course: PPISMP-TESL (SJK (C) ) (June 2012 intake)

What is she like?

On the Plus side...

  • Likes to do stuffs fast and furious.
  • Very, very detailed.
  • Loves helping out.
  • Plans things in advance.
  • Loves a good workout.
  • Always ready for a chat! (Not gossiping about others, though!)
  • Learn slowly but cooperative at work. ;-)
  • Talking about vegetarianism! LOL
  • Loves ARTS, especially fashion. 
  • Multiple interests. Sports date or a visit to the art gallery, anyone?

On the Dark side...

  • Always in a rush!
  • HUGE eater.
  • Notorious multi-tasker.
  • Hate making decisions.
  • Can be downright silent at times.
  • Takes long time to complete my work.
  • Emotionally sensitive. 
  • I cannot crack a good joke, sorry.
  • Queen of Headaches and Stomach cramps!

Other facts...

  • My ancestry is Cantonese but I cannot speak Cantonese without weird accents.
  • I HATE last-minute work.
  • I prefer volunteerism and writing to shopping. Don't ask me for a shopping trip if it is going to last the ENTIRE day, thank you very much.
  • Sedentary leisure is my pet peeve. I would rather bury my head in a book while walking in a garden than sitting in an air-conditioned cinema. 
  • I have problem sitting for more than an hour.
  • I am a dessertarian who fear weight gain for life! Yea, I LOVE desserts! (Any slimming dessert ideas? Hehe)
  • I can run in place while typing and talking at one go.
  • I am a bangle maniac. Unfortunately my wallet does not allow me to collect bangles and hand accessories.  
  • I often want to adopt those stray cats running into my house. Poor them, they got chased out and they deserve love too.
  • I plan everything but writing poems.
  • I can either be extremely energetic (work for the whole day, workout included, no rest required thanks.) or downright lazy and lay in bed for hours!
  • I can spend a LOT on clothes and food, and I am learning to be more thrifty. Life's getting tough!
  • I often dream to travel to Europe, Germany and Britain in particular. I love their culture and scenery! 

My Interests/Bias (Random order)

Activities 活动
  • Painting 画画
  • Writing 写作(写些很烂的作文,嘿嘿。)
  • Volunteer 当义工
  • Daydreaming 幻想
  • Reading Articles Online 上网读文篇
  • Reading newspaper 阅报
  • Blogging 写部落
  • Dancing 跳舞
  • Travel旅游

Food 食物
  • Fried vegetables 清炒时蔬
  • Nasi Lemak 椰浆饭
  • Salad 沙拉
  • Cakes 蛋糕
  • Pies 派饼
  • Biscuits 饼干
  • Oatmeal 燕麦
  • Chapati

Music Genre 音乐类型
  • Country
  • Rap
  • Piano instrumental
  • Chinese traditional music
  • R&B
  • Rock music (by bands)

People who are:
  • Friendly 友善
  • Dilligent 勤劳
  • Polite 有礼貌
  • Independent 自立
  • Humorous 搞笑天王
  • Kind-hearted 善良

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Feel free to join my page and blogs. As for my profile, I accept only people I know, people from the same school and bloggers.


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