Sharon's Materials

Welcome to Sharon's Materials Page!

I made most of the materials myself. Of course, there are some which are from other websites-I will note if there are any!

You are more than welcome to use these materials but I hope you will abide to the following rules:

  • Feel free to use them, but please leave a comment okay? That is basic manners in the blogosphere. (Unless otherwise if you do not have any Blogger account.)
  • If you want to share them, you MUST notify me beforehand and INCLUDE MY BLOG LINK. Failure to do so will be deemed as piagiarism.
  • For my SELF-MADE MATERIALS, NEVER remove the credits! Mind you. You will not want others to take your work as theirs, don't you?
  • Do kindly click my Nuffnang, please. This is a form of encouragement to spur me to produce better materials!

I do not want too many rules in my blog because I love a pleasant and carefree blogging environment as much as you do.


Cursors 鼠标(100%自制 100% Self-made)

Back To Top/Scroll To Top(100%自制 100% self-made)

Human Drawings 人物小图

Little Icons/Pictures 小图

Dividers 分割线

Tabs/Logo Backgrounds 底图

Backgrounds 背景

Chatbox Backgrounds 聊天室背景(100%自制 100% Self-made)
Headers & Click To Enter (100%自制 100% Self-Made)

Beautiful Decorative Pictures 唯美图(转载 From the Net)

Others 其他
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