Saturday, 24 March 2012

读书,怎么办?Time To Study and I feel like... HOW?

Not to be narcissistic, but I wish to share some of my study tips which has helped me to score well in SPM. Okay, not to say that my result is EXTREMELY WELL; well, it is just slightly above average. 9A+ 1A 1A-. Although I had not achieved my target of straight A+'s -.- but still, I am quite satisfied with it, especially for my History, Chinese Language and Accounts.

首先,别嫌我自恋啊哈哈哈!我纯粹想和你们分享我的学习心得和考试贴士。我先声明我的成绩并不辉煌,哎,严格来说,我觉得我的成绩算是中等水平而已。9A+ 1A 1A-。虽然我未达到我的理想成绩——全科A+,不过,我还是非常满意成绩,尤其是历史(我最讨厌的!XD)、华语和会计。

I will share my tips-in a few posts., since some self-made animations and pictures will be included in order to make my posts more convincing. :P

Okay here it goes...

If you regard that studying is just meant for examination, think again. Studying is meant for knowledge and it is for LIFE. Life is a journey too short for us to waste on complaining and fretting, and thus should be fully utilised to the fullest! It is undeniable that the Malaysian Education System is very rigid, but hey, why not we make the best out of it?

Thus, when asked on Facebook on the secret to my good results, (Yes, I was bombarded with hundreds of comments and messages on Facebook, but why NOT in my blog? Oh my goodness. My blog is lonely!)I hesitated for a moment. Then I made a sharp decision. Why NOT I share it out? Good things are meant to be shared, right? Plus, it is completely illogical to bring ideas and methods to the grave. (I am too young to die, and I will always be young at heart! Age is nothing but a number.)





What's my first tip? 


It does not matter how powerful or effective your strategies in studying may be. Not even the long amount of hours that you have spent in front of the desk. Develop a negative mindset, being pessimistic and be rest assured that your efforts will go down the drain.

As what had I mentioned earlier in this post, life is too short to be complained of. God is fair; He gave us the same gifts. Let's see.

  • A pair of bright eyes? Check.
  • A pair of busybody and sharp ears? check.
  • An unshuttable mouth? Check.
  • A 2-pound brain which is soft and grey, a complex nervous system included? Check.
  • A head? Check. (Who the heck has no head? @@)
  • A pumping heart? Check. (Unless otherwise that you have returned to your ancestors.)

At least He gave us THESE! 

Thus, don't ever drown yourself with those oh-so-negative mindsets such as "Oh my God I cannot pass my History" or "Damn I  am destined to not to comprehend the Chinese prose" or things as such, blah, blah, blah. Please sit down for a moment. Yes, I mean, just for a brief moment and put on your thinking cap. If you can allocate brain space to think negatively, why CAN'T you use it to contain better, positive stuff? Why not change them into something more encouraging such as "I can tackle my History! I know it won't be easy but I MUST overcome it anyway!" Well, those precious space can be used for remembering facts too, mind that.(Without the wisdom from the human brain, where will the widely-worshipped computer be?)

A positive mindset will spur you to put in more effort into studying and keep boredom at bay. So think POSITIVELY. Remind yourself about your life goal at all times. Know what do you live for and most importantly, love and treasure your life!




  • 一双雪亮的眼睛?有!
  • 一对灵敏的耳朵?有!
  • 一个永远都合不了的嘴巴?有!
  • 一个两磅重、并经神经系统连接的大脑?不用说咯。
  • 一个头?废话!
  • 一粒砰砰跳动的心脏?除非你已归西,那我没话说。




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