Tuesday, 24 April 2012

读书,怎么办?Time To Study and I Feel Like... HOW?! (Part 10)

Sorry for the late update! I was rushing for my essay for the past week, and I have posted it yesterday! Hope you guys don't trash me yeah.


If you have read my previous post carefully, word-by-word and comprehend it well enough, you will discover that homework is not a bane after all! As for today, I'll be sharing with you guys about some tricks into rereading your texts-without falling asleep midway!


Is revision stressful? Yes, if you allow it to be. No, if you know the right way to tackle your study woes.

Just do it the way as you would normally study in school. Get the notes right and just read through them. As said by Richard Carlson: "Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness". You don't want to get locked up in an asylum, stare blankly at the walls and got 24-hour surveillance by the personnel right?


For every single subject, I will explain to you guys the exact way to do it...
(DISCLAIMER: I share ONLY about the subjects that I took during my upper secondary. Those from lower secondary, please make your requests yeah. )


Language subjects (in general): 

Read more newspapers and magazines. This won't be repeated many times if it does not work. Besides from boosting your language skills, it will increase your knowledge as well. Since it is not possible for you to allow the newspapers accumulate throughout the years (Mind you, your house will have the odour of Ink! That's gruesome!), cut out useful articles and paste them into old, unused exercise books. Be sure to read them often!


Don't use the telly just for your soap dramas or variety shows. Why not watch the news for a change and hunt for headlines and statistics? They will help you a lot, especially in writing factual essays. Statistics will help make your points in your essay more convincing.


For literature, read them often. Stop telling yourself that literature can bore you to death! Mind you, they are much easier to master compared to the actual literature texts available. (By the way, I do not take any subjects on Literature in particular; 11 subjects are more than enough to drive me up the wall!) Make your effort to understand the texts thoroughly and savour the exquisiteness in it. Reference books are just a guidance; don't rely on them completely.


 Imagine the examiner's face when heaps of papers with exactly the same answers dished in front of him...

You get what I mean, right?



Stay tuned for tips for the other subjects! I'm going out soon. :)

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