Friday, 27 April 2012

读书,怎么办?Time To Study and I Feel Like... HOW?! (Part 11)

"30 marks in History! Oh no!"

It was after that, you start to view History as a disgusting subject which has marred your examination result slip, all the time. You begin hibernating during History class, spitting onto History books, casting any homework related to History aside, and come examinations, you did another last-minute rush to chomp in those History notes so that you can somehow scribble some facts out and earn a few points.

You FAIL again. You sink into another round of depression. And it comes round and round.

A vicious cycle, which eventually haunts your life as a student.

And you FEAR that. You DREAD that. You are trying every means to shun from that.

No worries! Let me share with you some how-tos on tackling Reading subjects!

As usual, prep your notes and mind maps before lessons. Pay attention to the teachers.

#You are very redundant, Sharon.









Back home, hurry up every single homework related to your reading subjects at the speed of lightning. While completing your assignments related to such subjects, PLEASE READ YOUR TEXT AGAIN prior to your homework marathon. Yes, I was a high school student. I was always more than just being stupefied when my History teacher handed out worksheet after worksheet during his class. Those at the front row will get the papers from him and handed them to us just as how the farmers rear chicks. I mean the real, genuine chicks with feather. Not hot chicks, okay?



I mean THIS.

Paper after paper, and as we got the stapler ready to bind them up, the teacher put us to a halt.


We were stunned. homework again! Yes, it was the "Program A+ Untuk Sejarah", where we were targeted to score distinction in the much feared subject. Worse, the worksheet were discussed-after MONTHS! He even spoke as fast as a maglev train during discussion sessions. Some failed to keep the paper well and faced the music. 




#Sharon, stop crapping and talking about your Grandmother's Stories! /.\


Okay then. I will not type nonsense for nothing. It takes time you know. I will NOT TYPE IN ABBREVIATIONS UNLESS IT IS OFFICIAL. 

I shared my experience here to tell you busy students out there: You are not alone. Who loves rushing for assignments? Rushing for blogging or Facebook or games, maybe you will not mind. (Me too! XP )


You hurry your homework, but please, in this case, NEVER EVER copy straight out from the textbook. Since it is impossible for you to memorise the whole big picture and just stamp them out (unless if you have superb memory power), you may jot down the points from the textbook, but be sure to include the page number beside the question in RED.

After all your work are done, be sure to read them again. Do not forget your supplementary practices in the other revision books as well. 

Do invest in revision books, colourful pens and highlighters. They will help you a lot in notes and practises, besides heighten your passion in your revision.

Most importantly, never try to read all your facts just like that! In Malay, we call it as "hafal". It will make you lose enthusiasm in the subject and find it monotonous instead. Remembering the keywords are more than just sufficient.





Before I forget, these tips are not just for History; they are for all reading subjects.

And if you don't get what I mean, reading subjects are those which need LOTS of memorising such as History and Biology. :D

Hope you will find them useful!




  1. hye.. bw here.. nice entry.. just relax kayh.. ^^, make it as rule of life kayh.. gd luck.. (=