Saturday, 14 April 2012

读书,怎么办?Time To Study and I Feel Like... HOW?(Part 8)

Here's a fact: Studying without recapping will sum up to nothing. NOTHING AT ALL!


So, you have put in your utmost effort preparing for those hectic lessons in school. (Lest the teacher skips it! Yes, it is common when you are in the upper secondary. I have experienced it many times, especially in Biology and Additional Mathematics! Yurghs! )Then you have devoted your heart, soul and mental ability into those long lessons in class. Now that the school lessons are over, but learning is yet to stop for you. (In fact, learning NEVER stops until you stop breathing. :P)


Now at home, you might be drawn towards procrastination thanks to the comfortable and relaxing environment at home. You simply can't wait to laze at the couch and watch your favourite dramas. Your Internet Addiction Syndrome is back, beckoning you to turn on the computer or notebook and enjoy your games or rant via your blogs. You might be too tired that you need a sound slumber. As lazy as it sounds, these are actually the norm among students nowadays, especially towards those who are born after the 90's. (Obviously I am one; I am born in 1994 and will be celebrating my 18th birthday this year!)


Before you slump onto the couch or bed, think of your to-do-list. I'm sure that you won't feel peaceful afterwards! *Troll face*


Think of your homework. Think of your tuition classes that you have to head straight to in merely an hour after school. Most importantly, RECAP EVERYTHING YOU HAVE LEARNT! Otherwise, you would have returned those information to your teacher and you'll get nothing.

Then you will find that there is no time to dawdle at all!!!


I advise you guys to finish your homework in school, as mentioned in Part 7. However, in case if you fail to finish your homework due to meetings or long lectures or whatsoever, put your homework as your number 1 priority. Hurry up as soon as you reached home. For those who have to make time to tuition classes in a hurry, sneak in one homework or two into your bag. I mean, the easiest and lightest homework for the day, since you can't afford to take tuition time for granted by doing your schoolwork there all the time!


Ah, before I forget, let me share some of my experience in tuition classes. Being an insensitive busybody who tends to poke her nose into anything around, I relish watching the attitude and actions of every single student in tuition centres. (Naughty, naughty!) Some did their "business" full-time there and hide their schoolwork  or mags when the tutor gave them a stern eye; some took tuition time as snack time; those who are rambunctious and talkative tend to chitter-chatter non-stop during lessons, which are particular irritating! Worse, there are some who doze away in tuition classes! As I had said earlier, I am NOT AND NEVER perfect. I am from the worst fourth group. How do I counter this problem? stay tuned! I will not reveal that fast in this post. :P

啊,在我忘记之前,让我分享一些我在补习班的经验吧!身为一个百分百的八婆,我很喜欢在补习里头看同学门的千姿百态。(坏榜样)Point form带过吧。XD






Being in tuition is not about paying a handsome sum of money, listen to the tutor and meet up with friends. Rather, tuition should supplement the lessons taught in school. I quote this from my Chinese language tutor:

"Lessons in school are like good food, tuition classes are supplements to a student's academic."



Thus, utilise your time in tuition by shooting up questions whenever you do not understand a topic, just as what you did in school. Listen attentively to the tutor; it does not mean that you can take your tutor for granted simply because you pay for his/ her services. Do your tuition assignments properly and meticulously. Remember, tuition classes are meant for reinforcement, and I strongly believe that no parent would want his/her hard-earned money to go down the drain.

It is alright to make new friends in tuition, but that is certainly NOT the main priority in  tuition! The main priority in tuition yet, is to reinforce your studies.

Hence, when you have that time to do revision at home, do read your tuition notes again and again! :)






I am talking only about tuition classes for now! If I am to include the entire after-school stuff, my post will be freaking long. Stay tuned!!



  1. Im guilty..haha! post this a year ago and I would have paid more attention in class :(

  2. Haha! I posted this due to requests from other friends, ha ha! (It ain't easy to type these posts bilingually! )