Thursday, 7 June 2012

心形页面图 Menu Tabs: Love & Hearts

Remember to Join this! And yes, the answers are in the ABOUT ME section in BOTH blogs.

#I'll be coming out with an easier activity next month peeps! :) No quiz, promise!

Ahem! Looks like I've got used to making large size materials until I felt rather uncomfortable in making miniature stuffs. However, as a newbie in freebie-making (Hey, you've 5 months experience!) I swear to learn it all the time.

Back to Menu Tab making! THEME: Love is in the Air.

I will be featuring several styles of tabs and hope you guys like it! Once again, feel free to take them and leave feedback!








Did only two styles because I have to update my unprivate diary, experiment with blogskin and complete my homework. Stay tuned!

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