Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Four seasons Cursor 四季鼠标(日系字体)



因此,我特做了以四季为主题的鼠标,希望你们喜欢。 ^^

春季 Spring

When the snows are gone and the flowers begin to blossom,
The birds sing in harmony to usher in the cheery Spring
To tell us that beautiful days are ahead and not far away.

夏季 Summer

Grandfather Sun beamed his smiles high-up the sky
And rays are thy vigour
To bring hope to our Motherland.

秋季 Autumn

When I stand under the tree as the brown leaves fall,
The lovely memories between us flashed into my mind
As the dark moments fell to the ground, deep inside.

冬季 Winter

I stand in the thick white snow
Watching sleighs flying over and kids frolicking with snowballs
I know, Thank God for giving me a year filled with hope and laughter.

希望你们会喜欢这些鼠标(还有我乱写一通的诗句 :P ),抱走、转载,记得留言通知我哦。感激不尽~

I hope you will like my cursors (and my scribbled verses as well). Do notify me if you take them, thanks!

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