Saturday, 25 February 2012

Back To Top/ Scroll To Top button

I am really busy these days. Preparations for the driving examinations, researching for the best campus, racking my brain in writing, joss papers, and a lot! Somehow, i managed to steal some time out to make back to top buttons. I simply used the pictures that I used for my cursors. I will start new pictures afresh-if I have the time... XD

我最近真的很忙,又是考车又是搜罗大学资料又是绞尽脑汁学写作又是搞金纸生意,简直忙得喘不过气来!不过叻,我还是成功“偷”出那一丁点时间制作"Back To Top"按钮,用鼠标图就罢了咯!有时间才做新的按钮。。。。。。XD

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