Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cursors-Magic Wand






What will you do with a magic wand?

If magic wand does exist (not the LED version please) I will turn myself into as beautiful as Cinderella, as brainy as Albert Einstein. (Seriously, YOU are darn childish, Sharon! Eighteen acting like eight huh?)

Okay, I am well aware that there is no such perfect stuff. You may get everything that you want in the world with a magic wand, but of course, let the wand fell into the wrong hands and there will be chaos around. If you desperately need a wand anyway, come to my blog and see wonders! :P

#Lefties, do inform me if you want any wand here. I can help rotate it for you and of course, you can add any words to it! (Such as your name). Be sure to use it for a week though after your request is completed.


童话故事里 In the Fairy Tale


 BONUS! (Oh well, I did only really few of them. I bet most of you must be using Google Chrome, right? So I did only 6 animated cursors. Sorry ya! You can request if you want any, though. )

Of course, I am a fan of Google Chrome!

 -ANIMATED-(Effects can be viewed in Internet Explorer only; in other browsers, it will appear as a static single frame, just like what happened to mine.)



I will be making more magic wands soon for that glimmer to your blog. Feel free to drop your suggestions! (Guys, please! I am not good in making blog materials for guys!)

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